Outstanding projects build on Sui so far

The founders of Sui announced yesterday that the Sui Testnet Wave 1 will conclude today at 10 a.m. PST. Join me to discover which projects are currently highly valued in the Sui ecosystem.


BlueMove is the community-first NFT marketplace on Aptos and Sui Blockchain that actively rewards traders, collectors and creators for participating.

Part of being community-first means that BlueMove rewards, empowers, and gives back to the platform’s users and creators.


Coin98 Wallet is the leading multi-chain wallet and DeFi gateway, designed to seamlessly connect users to the crypto world in a safe and secure manner.


  • Multi-chain Support
  • Multi-chain Wallet Engine
  • DeFi Gateway
  • X Point


Wormhole is a decentralized, universal message-passing protocol that connects to multiple blockchains.

Wormhole Core Layer, a core contract deployed on each chain that routs the received messages to the target chain, the core function of the previously mentioned universal message-passing protocol. A guardian network consisting of 19 nodes secures Wormhole.

This system enables cross-chain communication protocols

Coming chat

ComingChat is a communication application designed to protect user privacy. It consists of five parts: decentralised identification, encrypted communication, crypto.payments, intelligent mini-programs and a Web3 browser with end-to-end encryption, big data and blockchain technology.

The meaning of SocialFi in ComingChat is:

  1. Account System (CID)
  2. Payment Tool (Omnichain Wallet)
  3. Social (Encrypted Chat+DAO Moments)

It mainly solves three problems: people, money and connections, and it provides the basis for DeFi and GameFi.


ChainX aims to facilitate asset interoperability with other blockchains It measures users’ mining power based on the market value of BTC, DOT, ETH, ERC20, EOS, and other assets that are deposited in an inter-chain bridge.


Suiet (pronounced as “sweet”) is built on Sui blockchain, designed for everyone, with everything open-sourced.

Axelar Network

Axelar is a developer of a decentralized interoperability software designed to help connect blockchain ecosystems, applications, and users.

Axelar Network is a solution for cross-chain communication that works to meet the needs of both platform developers and application builders, without the need for integration and instead delivered through a simple protocol and API for global liquidity and communication.


This is only my opinion about which projects have best performance on Sui Testnet so far. Tell me about your idea. Nice day :grin:


Sui capy and sui name service.

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awesome list keep it up

I Love Chain X, super Solid Team and nice Project .

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Good alpha you just dropped, you could have just list one project though

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