Sui Foundation Awards Over $400,000 to Developers in Grant Program

Sui Foundation Awards Over $400,000 to Developers in Grant Program

Developers building a diverse array of projects, from games to financial apps, received awards totaling $415,000 from the Sui Foundation Developer Grants Program. These initial awardees built projects that show the power of the Sui network and help advance its adoption.

The Sui network is an open source blockchain designed around principles including horizontal scalability, secure programmability, and low latency. The Sui Foundation exists to ensure the success of the Sui network through community-building and education. The Foundation’s Developer Grants Program funds developers building innovative, open source projects that benefit the Sui ecosystem.

Round 1, the inaugural and pilot round of the Sui Foundation Developer Grants Program, selected 12 projects among the hundreds submitted, with grants ranging from $20K to $75K. The selected projects show the potential of web3 and the Sui network.

In Round 1, projects fell into the following categories:

  • Developer Tools
  • Commerce
  • Finance
  • Tokenization

Lisbon Builder House Special Grant Recipients

Developer Tools

Dapp Low Code Dev Platform
This low-code development platform lets developers build extremely complex decentralized applications. Its environment mimics the experience of developing traditional applications, easing the transition as more people build on web3.

Dappium includes an API and web2 SDK to automatically develop, create, and deploy smart contracts. It makes sure best practices for security and optimization are in place and handles web3 technical complexities such as interoperability, fiat-friendly options, hybrid models, bridging, and single sign-on.

Go Sui SDK
This Sui Golang SDK for ComingChat, a web3 portal combining an account system, payment tool, and social functions, helps developers build new apps in a full-featured ecosystem. Go developers can take advantage of ComingChat’s Sui NFT platform and omni-chain wallet, among other features.

Movey enables Move developers to discover, validate, and collaborate on the development of Move packages. The current version of Movey integrates Move CLI while future versions will enable reuse and discovery of on-chain packages.

Remix IDE Plugin
This plugin will let developers write Sui smart contracts using the Remix IDE. Remix, originally developed for Ethereum and EVM-compatible smart contracts, offers a graphical interface for building smart contracts. Extending it to support Sui will help a wide range of developers, from beginners to experts, get started quickly.

Sui Move Analyzer
This Visual Studio Code IDE plugin, built on top of move-analyzer, provides language support for the Sui Move programming language and Move specification language. It will also provide project templates, integrate with the Sui Move framework, support Sui unit testing, and support the Sui Move Prover verification system.


Keepsake is a future-proof NFT marketplace ecosystem built for game developers, gamers, creators, and their communities. The Keepsake marketplace allows game SDK integration for seamless play and listing directly from in-game assets. Additionally, each Keepsake NFT has the ability to be converted into physical assets such as collectibles, figurines, and plushies.


AirPay by Hypermatter Labs
The AirPay service issues debit cards to Sui token holders, letting them seamlessly pay for services or merchandise at any shop with an NFC-enabled point-of-sale system. User do not need a bank or centralized exchange account as AirPay converts tokens directly to currency.


As a proof-of-attendance application, Suia lets organizers verify participation for Sui-based events. This application can be used in such areas as event tickets, contribution medals, and games, helping organizers engage and award participation.

Lisbon Builder House Recipients

Developer Tools

Designed for the All.Art NFT creator ecosystem, this open source Unity-Sui wallet implementation lets users and artists alike seamlessly trade NFTs.

Toshi’s Mamoru platform automates secure smart contract operations for applications built on the Sui blockchain. It monitors and responds to smart contract exploits in near real-time. Its alpha version provides an interface to define contract monitoring rules, while the beta release will add support for machine learning.


Scallop, an interest rate machine for Sui, emphasizes user-friendliness. This financial app offers high interest lending and low fee borrowing, premium bonds, and composable tokens.

Apply Today for Future Rounds

Apply to the Sui Foundation Developer Grants Program today if you are building on Sui.

Sui represents a new frontier in networked computing. Developers on the Sui network have the opportunity to innovate in extraordinary ways, using the principles of decentralization to build a new generation of globally useful applications. This first wave of projects shows an extremely talented developer community and we can’t wait to see what successive generations will build.


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