Sui testnet faucet inbuild feature

Most of times users faces issue regarding geting testnet sui tokens . There are a feature where all wallets provide inbuilt testnet faucet but now a days its not working or disabled. Is it right ?

Giving adress in Discord may take much time to reflact sui but inbuilt in wallet works on the spot … so i requset enable that feature in all supported wallets .


that’s true, but for now I think the developers have their reasons for that.
i think the dev just disabled API only temporary


There is very large volume of faucet requests for the testnet. It is best kept isolated within Discord for now to prevent performance issues.

For the time being please use the Discord to receive your testnet Sui
Here is a link to the faucet channel: Discord


hello , @mosaicRegressor have said it all
there are too many people requesting for faucets in a minutes it is better to keep it on discord where time limit can be set .
litterary you cant claim faucet twice in 2 hours

this has also help to reduce faucet spam