Why such a small number of tokens in the faucet?

I would like to test different staking strategies, but the amount of tokens that I have pledged is not enough for this.


Spin up a local net. You can get much more coin and it’s configurable.

Or look at what options this offers: GitHub - sui-base/sui-base: Sui CLI dev setup with scripts, Rust+Move dApps templates, examples and more...


@fastfrank Thanks for your reply!

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amount of tokens in faucet is less yes but you can request faucet every single hour and you will get 1 sui each time

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Interesting. Thanks. I may try to do sole dev work :slight_smile:

its all right bro sui is the best

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Lajawab bhai kay bhai yrr maze he maze :corn::corn::corn::corn:

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Why is faucet links not working again after the launch of mainnet? There are still some projects under the sui network that is yet to be launched that will need the faucet.