Begging for fraction of testnet sui

Hi Friends!

I’m a bit struggling to get my phone verified on discord to be able to request testnet SUI (seemingly some issue with our local mobile provider - fails with my colleague’s number either - or I’m too stupid and miss something). While I’ll probably find a way to overcome the issue with more struggle and efforts, perhaps some kind person can send me small fraction of test SUI, for example to the wallet below. Only do this if you believe my solemn promise I won’t use these test money for evil purpose :slight_smile:


P.S. as begging works better with sad eyes, let here be the picture of my dog taken with 87-year old camera :slight_smile:


UPD: got test SUI via wallet. just before when trying this it failed several times, I initially thought this is disabled. Sorry for confusion, issue is resolved then :slight_smile:

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