NFT Standards Discussion

Several builders in the Sui ecosystem have shared their ideas with us, and we’d like to hear from a broad selection of the community as well.

Please share your thoughts here regarding standards for non-fungible tokens on Sui.


My first thought is if the NFT standard should exist as only that a standard or if it should be a single move contract which is created by MystenLabs. Having poked a bit with solana and near NFTs it quickly gets muddy when all creators have to build their own contracts, some implementations miss parts of the standard or the implementation has flaws.

Only having a single contract also helps with indexing and general data fetching since all NFTs will be of the same type and events will be emitted from a single place, this greatly increases developer experience compared to for example with ethereum.

The above thoughts are inspired by how aptos does it today

Looking at EIP-721 metadata extension and OpenSea attributes I think it would be nice if this data could live on chain instead of referencing to an external resource which might not exist in the future. This could be a problem though due to storage concerns.


Thank you for this input! I think we have gathered a fairly broad consensus that aligns with what you are saying here. The idea of placing metadata on-chain is something we consider a requirement as well.

As for the exact shape of that metadata, I am interested in gathering input.



Why not using the metaplex standard for the formating syntax ?
Most team are using it and it would be pretty convenient for adaptation/adoption.

Not sure it’s what you guys want, but we saw that on Aptos, some exchange launched some NFT with their own syntax, and it wasn’t working like the majority of others who used metaplex standard. And added work for all the L2 that works on top of those NFT data scrapping (ig, NFT sniper)

The standardised way really saves some time for everyone IMO, it’s benefic, even if it probably give too much ease to already existing Devs team.
Adapting to Move is already a step up challenge to pass ^^


And what innovations can be implemented on sui that are not available on other blockchains? As for me, I would like to see the possibility of dividing one expensive NFT into small pieces so that many favored people can have a piece of rare NFT


Do not forget royalties when talking about NFTs!


Veri inyeresting, but if we can put royalties and other fees to 0 in first time of life of new collections so that owner/creator shows he is here for work not for money


Sui is a very young and promising blockchain. I would like to be able to cross-chain NFT swaps by going to the mainnet. Perhaps someone is dealing with this issue?


This would require a bridge able to burn/mint from each sides.


Nft must be separable. That is, one of the problems of NFT on other blockchains is that they are too expensive and inaccessible to the general public


@marcos25 it’s only ethereum problem

  • this can be done with pegged token, fractionize the NFT into 100 or 1000 coins (ie)

We expect someone to create a structured market where creators, holders, and traders can all benefit. Of course it would be difficult

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is it possible to have upgradable nfts on sui?

How to mint nft in sui chain? :shushing_face: :shushing_face:

I think ecosystem is very slow, I want play with Sui chain :grinning: :grinning: :grinning:

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i think the sui is good project ,but the sui wallet need improve the function

How about your nft preservation, how about the circuit diagram? :grinning:

ha ha ha i love royalties too, count me in :stuck_out_tongue:

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What kind of problems might they face?