My concern about NFT on SUI

Since a few months ago I have been paying attention and following the development of NFT on the SUI Blockchain. Although it is not certain when the SUI mainnet was launched, many NFT projects have been offered to the SUI community. :partying_face:

Some NFTs want Hype and make big promotions, and this is where I am concerned.

The creators of this NFT have learned from the NFTs on the Aptos Blockchain, that they should launch their NFTs early and race to be first. Why? Because they realized that they had no reliable utility relying solely on HYPE. Remember the “BRUH”?

The marketing techniques used are very identical to one another, using Crew3. If I look at it, with the same marketing system used, this shows that some of these NFTs are under the control of "one group".

Some NFTs can’t wait for the mainnet to launch, and they sell their NFTs on other Blockchains. It looks good but I find it very funny. Doesn’t this mean they are simply “chasing the money”? and their project is only for instance profit.

> This article is to remind myself to always be careful when deciding to buy NFTs on the SUI Blockchain. And only buy NFTs that have utility. DYOR Thanks


same thought.

ive seen many money chasers on aptos and they are coming to sui as well.

not only NFTs. there will be scam projects

sui commuinty must be careful of them!!

sui is permissionless but hope that there are something to protect sui community from scammers


Agree with you. Personally, I hope that “SUI Dev” is concerned with this, it is not impossible that many NFTs who only want to grab cash will actually make SUI NFT’s image not good.


The NFT scam on SUI will have to go through until the market forms. There is no liquidity on Aptos in the Aptos market at the moment, although it started well. More or less good projects on Aptos NFT are: F1DOG and Aptos Undead. There are no strong teams with an innovative idea, all projects are carbon copies. Also at the beginning will be on SUI. But we know that this is all temporary.


a very interesting trend to observe, several things become even more interesting when an incentive testnet by a blockchain is given. The development of scam accounts in the name of “certain chains” provides another way for scam projects to develop, including through the NFT project.

thus making the NFT developers only contribute limited to images without any use or function intended for the community they already have.

hopefully the NFT developers provide a nice utility for the community, especially the SUI community


Thank you for giving your opinion, I hope this becomes our cosern


Thanks mate, idea brilliant


I think after Aptos and Sui there will be a number of similar projects with fraud

yeah, need DYOR if really interested in similar both of project :saluting_face:

Well, how can all those scam projects be eradicated,I think everyone just need to keep their eyes peeled,and always do their own research, let’s hope for the best

But we hope for the best

Generally this is the idea most nft owners have they just want to suck the money off the system and run away :person_facepalming: