Fungible and Non Fungible Token standard

Are there any standards defined in Sui for fungible and nonfungible tokens like in Eth ERC20 for fungible tokens and ERC721 for non-fungible tokens?


Hi @tahlil,

Our equivalent for the Fungible Token standard is the 0x2::coin module:

The standard is represented programmatically, on-chain, using a module in the Sui framework.

When it comes to NFTs, Objects on Sui already have a lot of the properties that people look for from an NFT standard, built into the chain, related to ownership and transfers. On top of that, we have:

  • Object Display Standard – for defining a custom representation for your NFTs that are generally understood by Marketplaces and Explorers.
  • Kiosk – to give creators and marketplaces control over things like royalties, and other conditions that must be met when performing a transfer.
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