Missing Staked Sui Tokens

I’m hoping someone can assist.
I staked my Sui Tokens with “mrgn” being the validator, only, they are not appearing in my wallet.
The transactions are visible in my Activity tab in my wallet and from this I am able to view the transactions on SuiVision.
Is someone able to advise what I can do to remedy this issue.

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Unfortunately not, I’m a little concerned that my wallet may have been hacked (If that is possible on a Sui Wallet)

I don’t suppose you would have any ideas with what I might be able to do?


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Hi, thanks for your reply.

Unfortunately I can’t see the Live Chat Icon on this page, are you able to advise if there is another way of contacting customer support?

I did reach out to the validator, haven’t received a reply yet but it was only yesterday when I sent the email.


Hi Andrew,
Thanks for your reply, I appreciate it.
I did check Sui Wallet’s website but there doesn’t seem to be a customer support link (Best I can see).
I have contacted the validator, hopefully, I might hear back soon.
If by chance would you know if there is an alternate way of contacting support.
Thanks again,

Can you share your wallet address?