Incentive programs and unlock schedule improvements

In order to onboard as many developers and investors as possible, it would be nice if the SUI team started incentive programs for developers. I’m thinking of a 100M+ program, that rewards devs with tokens for building dapps, smart contracts and protocols with high TVL. This will greatly increase the money flow, interest and ecosystem growth. The effects of incentive programs have been very positive in crypto as can be seen by looking at FTM, ONE, AVAX, SOL in 2021.

Additionaly I would encourage the team to delay and spread token unlocks over longer periods of time. Series A, B unlocks seem too early. SUI is still new and I don’t think it’s considered a good idea to unlock so much supply early on, because it will hurt the potential of this project in the future. Investors are taking tokenomics serious and less investors = less developers. It might be better to delay most unlocks to early 2025 and since the TVL is quite high, I don’t think it would cause too many trouble for VCs.

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