Sui Token Reward Healthy Distributions

This time I want to discuss with you about the sui token reward which is from the continuation of the team who said they had snapshoot more than 100K sui addresses that had interacted like capy etc. I will also share a visualization and my opinion/feedback (NFA) on how fair and equitable distribution will certainly have a positive impact in the long term of the sui ecosystem.

as we know sui is growing very great community and strongly ecosystems, we all know there’s a great and enthusiastic Sui community out there! on the other hand there are developers who are building native applications on sui , they build, attract the community to jump into the sui network, give them knowledge and refer other builders to develop their applications on the sui network. besides that there are ambassadors or those who voluntarily promote sui by introducing, providing insight etc. these 3 things are important for the health of the distribution, (builders->ambassador->community) :

  • BUILDERS: Things that really need to be appreciated, those who have build and developed applications on Sui.They are the roots for the community to jump into the sui network before the ambassadors/media do it ! (builders->ambassador->community) especially those who have applied it to the Grant program, they are willing to publish their source code to other sui developers (for those who are not eligible and not receive grant allocations), besides that they also definitely need SUI TOKEN to deploy their project on sui mainnet (day one) this will be a valuable appreciation for builders and of course it will be really needed when the sui mainnet Is live.

  • AMBASSADOR: ambassadors are those who are bridge between builders & communities, they are very important links, they voluntarily introduce sui and its ecosystem to the community And also those local communities, so it is very necessary to allocate to them during the mainnet network

  • COMMUNITY: the community is the main thing, those who help test sui native applications, support and enliven the sui ecosystem.The community will really need to be appreciated too because besides they have helped builders to test their applications they are also spent theirs time (LOYAL USERS) on sui/ecosystems, during the mainnet they also really need sui to interact on chain as well as being a validator and yeah definitely also as their incentive during the testnet.

What do you think? If you have an opinion please write a comment below, because this will be an important consideration for the team, because we all want sui to be distributed & can reach wider and many people who are reached , and definitely distributed according to the wishes.


Of course, any project will not be possible without the support of a dedicated community.
Sui has a strong team and a strong community as shown by the second wave of testing and New Year’s Eve
They gave the maximum load on the network, which she easily coped with!
We all look forward to good news! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


The developers have put a lot of effort into creating Sui, just like we, the community, have been testing and writing feedback to the team for many months
It would be great to somehow reward users for their efforts, as they will also be pioneers in the mainnet network!


Are the members of this forum worthy?
Have they contributed to promoting the project and helping users explore the ecosystem :wink:

  • Are the participants worthy
  • Yes
  • No

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FYI: this forum is only for developers, so basically this forum is for discussion about development, It’s just that they added an ecosystem survey for the community for the team to find out more easily about all the projects built in Sui from the survey of the community


I am part of the community too and I also agree with your opinion, but I never say shit things that we all work hard!. Builders also build by spending much of their time building native sui app, and ambassadors work hard to be the bridge between the community and the project ! So When I say that only the most contributing (community) I would disagree because a lot of them also build and spend their time with sui too


Correct, in the future the ecosystem survey section will be removed and we’ll begin being much stricter about limiting the range of topics that are allowed. The general section will always be accepting of topics such as this one, but a lot of what is being allowed right now elsewhere will be cleaned up. The primary focus is for this forum to aid developers building on Sui, not for it to be community or ecosystem focused.

Additionally to clarify what I can tell some of you are wondering. Participation on this forum will not lead to any incentives. This forum is not monitored for participation nor is it being used in any mechanism that may lead to any sort of reward.


that’s totally correct, because at first Akasha also said that they had mentioned NO AIRDROP​:joy: if Akasha forgot to mention no airdrop it’s still "possible":rofl: but Sometimes I laugh because many people remind to team you forget mentions “no airdrop”


I hope more people will repost kol’s video on the news

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thanks for sharing this valuable information