Sui Research Grant questions

I’m Evil
Co-founder and CEO of DAZE. We’ve been in the space since 2021, and I personally since early 2020s, back when NFTs were known as Rare Digital Art. I’ve helped numerous artist onboard NFTs way before NFT bloom in 2021 and also sponsored many artist’s first mint. Thats how DAZE came into existence. We’ve come a long way in our journey in order to spread awareness and educate people about blockchain in India.
Our most recent operations have been taking guest lectures, workshop and an entire semester in 3 colleges covering over 300+ students. We’ve provided basic introduction to these students under " Fundamentals of Blockchain " to get familiar with cryptocurrencies and blockchain. We are covering more colleges and school to educate them about Blockchain, Fin-Tech and more.
So interested in knowing more about Sui’s Research Grant and how it will work.

P.S. I know this isnt about developers or creating a dApp but we wish to create an educational system that cover all basic concepts of blockchain, cryptocurrencies, chains and more. Sui is new and onboarding these students to an ecosystem that has just released would be a great opportunity for Sui as well as the students to grow together.


Thank you!
Hoping to get a response from someone in Sui Team

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