Sybil attacks 🧐

There are communities that create many accounts in testnet, for example, in SUI frenemies. What methods will be used to deal with sybil attacks? :face_with_monocle:


By the way, it’s really interesting, I would also like to know the answers to this question! I join the question :smiley:


I think developer has prepared a method to deal with the sybil attack problem. dev will consider on chain activities and social media activities. i think KYC is the best way to that problem.

At the end of each round all wanted to get into the top 2000 :sweat_smile:

It’s good if they do. Aptos was distributed to everyone without passing KYC. And there were those who sent a request to install a node with 500 emails, they received 500K$


It appears that the developer has developed a solution to address the issue of sybil attacks. The proposed method involves considering both on-chain activities and social media activities. It seems that the developer believes that implementing KYC (Know Your Customer) measures would be the most effective approach to combat this problem.

Yes KYC will weed out many

I believe the team is aware of this
A python bot could be built base on solid criteria to identify Sybil attack from community

How can prevent KYC from eliminating normal users? For example, CoinBase’s kyc blocks certain regions

Blocking an entire region is not an option. There may be more than just sibyls in this region.

method known so far

  1. Multiple wallet addresses using the same IP
  2. Wallet creation date and number of transactions
  3. Connect with social accounts such as Discord and Twitter.
  4. KYC
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This method is top. Wallets are created in bundles at one moment. Them can also add a request for coins in the tap. There, too, bots are requesting at one moment.

All 4 conditions are good :+1:

A few weeks ago I have discussed about it you can read How Can Team eliminate bots in frenemies Game? - #3 by suidiamond glad to hear additional feedback from you , there is also some discussion about the sybil attack How Can Team eliminate bots in frenemies Game? - #3 by suidiamond

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All 4 conditions are good