Support for multisig, and account abstraction

Sharing for a smart contract wallet team:

To build the general purpose multi-sig on SUI, we will need one of the following three features:

1. SUI native multi-sig schema 
2. Account abstraction (Something like EIP-4337) 
3. Dynamic function/struct composition. 

We wonder which approach is mostly likely to be adopted by SUI?

Hi everyone, we are looking to build a general purpose non-custodial multi-sig solution on SUI. We need to finalize the technical requirement to proceed and have the initial design. And any one of the three approaches mentioned before would open a solution for us with totally different engineering design.

We will put anything we have discovered here, and open for discussion with SUI dev community.


Hi Jacky, I believe we’ve also chatted on Suinami Riders about this, but posting here for visibility. Sui will likely have both (1) and (3)–GitHub issues coming soon.

The crypto team is currently looking into (1). Kostas is the best PoC for this.

The Move team is currently looking into (3). Todd is the best PoC for this


By (3) dynamic function / struct composition, do you mean intelligent batch transactions? Diem had the concept of script transactions, which allowed you to create move modules on the fly per transaction. But Sui is doing something similar.

For (1) native multi-sig, can you post more info about that?


ok it is useful , thank your sharing


Waiting for a fast and convenient sui blockchain with multisig to be more secure in the crypto world.

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It would be nice to have such a function in Sui without using third-party services.