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At GateOmega Team, we are dedicated to enhancing the Sui Blockchain to make it more accessible and embraced by the blockchain community. Following the success of the Suigo Mobile app, we are thrilled to introduce the Suigo Web App as part of our ongoing mission. is designed to elevate the user experience by providing valuable data insights, monitoring capabilities, and alerting tools. These features are an extension of what we’ve already achieved with our mobile app, tailored specifically for operators. The Web App will serve as a comprehensive hub for validators, delegators, and newcomers alike.

SuiGO Web App encompasses the following key features:

MyStakes: The “My Stake” page offers users a detailed overview of their stakes across various validators. This includes information on the amount staked, the validators they’ve chosen, and estimated earnings. To access this feature, simply click the “Connect Wallet” button or by simply pasting your wallet and follow the on-screen instructions to link your wallet. Once connected, the page will display your stake details, complete with a visual chart showcasing the distribution of your stakes among different validators.

Validators: This section is dedicated to validator-specific data, providing insights into total stakes, commissions, APY, and general information related to the Sui blockchain.

Node Checkpoint: Tailored primarily for validators and full node operators, the Node Checkpoint page allows users to verify the synchronization status of their nodes with the actual blockchain data. By entering node URL and port details, validators can conduct comparisons across three distinct chains: Mainnet, Testnet, and Devnet.

Alerts: We have an upcoming feature, “Alerts,” that will keep Delegators well-informed and engaged on topics such as commission changes, validator statuses, and total stakes. Stay tuned for this exciting addition!

It’s important to note that while retrieves data directly from the Sui blockchain, RPC nodes, and indexer nodes, there may be occasional delays due to blockchain performance.

We believe in the strength of collaboration and are eager to receive your feedback to further refine and expand this valuable tool. Together, we can make Sui Blockchain more accessible and beneficial for everyone in the community.

Best Regards,
GateOmega Team

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