SuiGO Mobile Application - Your Sui Node Checkpoint

Dear All, we have created the SuiGO mobile application for Node Operators to easily monitor their nodes and get alerts on the go. We are also planning to extend our scope to provide services to delegators and newcomers. You can download SuiGO via below links

IOS: ‎SuiGO on the App Store

Awaiting your precious feedback and comments.

SuiGO : Your SUI Node Checkpoint
SuiGO is the essential app enabling you to keep your SUI blockchain node running smoothly. Stay up to date with your node on the go.
With SuiGO, you can easily compare your node with the SUI blockchain RPC, ensuring that your node is performing optimally.

Register with your email address:

  • Select chain (Devnet, Testnet, Mainnet)
  • Enter your node’s IP address & RPC port number
  • Even name your node and save
    That is it!

SuiGO will provide you :

  • Easy-to-use and intuitive interface for quick and convenient monitoring
  • Instantly check your current status of your node, including transaction sync progress
  • Monitor and compare your node activity with the SUI blockchain RPC in real-time
  • Receive Push Notification alerts
  • View state history of your node

Our Backend:

  • Checks your node frequently and alerts you with Push Notifications
  • Keeps your node history (node up/down, sync and version status)
  • Automated RPC speed checks to detect fastest RPC endpoints

Best Regards,
GateOmega Team


This sounds very useful for node operators.btw Can i still set up a Sui node now or this is now closed?

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Hello Tuvhain,
Thanks for comment. We are planning to further improve the app as per user feedback so please let us know.
For your question please chek node operators announcement channel in discord. There is permanent testnet up and running and you can mount up your node to be part of.
Best Regards,
GateOmega Team

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Thank you for the information. I will folllw up :slight_smile:

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Very nice project thanks for this information :smile:


Glad to hear you liked it. Awaiting your feedback!

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