Sui now supports Apple and Android Secure Enclave signing through fastcrypto library

As of today Sui supports ECDSA signatures with NIST P256 curve (also known as secp256r1) through the fastcrypto library. This will allow the following devices to sign Sui transactions inside their Secure Enclave (if the wallet used supports this feature):

  • Any mobile device with an Apple A7 or later A-series chip.
  • Any Mac with an Apple M1 or T-series chip.
  • some high-end Android devices such as Google Pixel phones and Samsung Galaxy phones

Secure Enclave is a type of trusted computing environment similar to the Secure Element in the Ledger wallet. Your phone with Secure Enclave can store your private key, insulating it from untrusted code from the internet, offering similar security guarantees as hardware wallets, but without the need to carry an additional device.

fastcrypto library is a common cryptography library used in software at Mysten Labs. It is published as an independent crate to encourage reusability across different applications and domains.

Additional resources:

PR that adds secp256r1 support to fastcrypto

More information on Apple Secure Enclave


Nice thread,and welcome to the community


Hopefully, before mainnet, a sui wallet on Android and Apple already exists and can be used optimally


hoping soo sui will do this before mainnet