Staking/stake delegation issues on Testnet. What to do?

Some users in Sui community are having troubles using Sui Wallet staking function, so here’s a guideline on how to work with that :point_down:

1. Make sure you are on the latest version of Sui Wallet (should be // 28.01.2023)
2. Change the language of your Chrome browser to English (and delete other languages)

If you have done this, you can start interacting with Sui Wallet and delegate your tokens :sparkles:

Don’t forget to faucet via Sui discord to get some test tokens.

#Sui-nami :ocean:

Learn more about Testnet Wave 2 Stake Delegation here Testnet Wave 2 Stake Delegation FAQ


how mach minimum stake parth ?

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Thank you! I always update the wallet if there are any problems

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