How to use Sui Wallet staking/stake delegation function on tesnet

  • Make sure you are on the latest version of Sui Wallet (, you can update your wallet by clicking the extension icon on your browser and then click update.
  • Request Sui token through Testnet faucet via Sui discord server
  • Go to Wallet and click on “Stake&Earn”
  • Choose preferred validator and Stake an amount of $SUI
  • Wait for succesful transaction
    Done, You just delegated/staked your tokens to get passive income.

Having issue trying to stake/delegate (like your wallet is giving a response of you must have 2 Sui token to stake Sui token, or you can’t add decimal)
All you have to do to solve the issue is just to:
-Try change the language of your Chrome browser to English (and delete other languages)

  • Or try making sure you have more than 0.1Sui in your wallet, and then stake 0.1Sui (this actually worked for me)

If faucet doesn’t give you tokens on Sui discord server

  • Wait until there are fewer requests and try again.

You are free to ask any other questions.

#Sui tesnet wave2


Thanks for such good instruction! :heart: :heart: :heart:


Хорошая инструция,спасибо.


Добавлю к инструкции должна стоять точка 0.1 примерно так


changed the language, it worked, thanks

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:upside_down_face:good instruction, I had a problem when choosing the amount of staking, for example, 0.1-0.2 was not set to a dot … I just changed the language in the browser and rebooted, everything was ok


This is an awesome guide :+1:

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