Question, related to SUI ECOSYSTEM and SUI GLOBAL

as previously read and learned. question in general frank type. I have been following the project for a long time and participating in the SUI test networks. I’ve noticed that all sui projects have partnerships with either sui global or sui ecosystem. I am also a member of them. I am also a participant and I want to wonder why these are not official sui projects? when everything revolves around them. let’s say the devnet phase for developers. without sui global and sui ecosystem there would be no partnerships, and if there were no partnerships there would be no developers. that is, the official sui on partnerships with proposals say nothing in fact. this leads to an incomprehensible misunderstanding. it seems that they started to build a sui system together, and it seems like different projects. I just personally learned a lot from the creators of these projects (sui global and sui ecosystem) I myself was involved in the testnet, in the devnet. and began to understand what’s what in Sui.
Can you answer for sure, is there a high chance that the laboratory and the Sui will take these 2 projects into partnership or not?
and also if they take it, will there be grants for participants. because every day since October I have been participating in various projects from sui global and then to sui ecosystem. and invested a lot of his personal time in it, got all the possible roles and remained in the top …


I don’t know about that tbh


if you don’t know about them. so you’re not taking good care of the sui ecosystem. or rather for projects based on sui. because they often have news mentioning these 2 projects.each nft subgroup. wallet group, web3 group and the like they declare an official partnership not with sui but with the team of sui global or sui ecosystem.


Hey there,

Along with moderating this forum, I act as the Head of Partnerships for Sui Global. There is no official partnership between Sui Global and Sui, Mysten Labs, or the Sui Foundation. I don’t anticipate there will ever be one.

The main goal of Sui Global, and I imagine Sui Ecosystem feels similarly, is to elevate the projects building in the Sui ecosystem, and thus elevate the Sui ecosystem its self. We’re all very fond of the Sui blockchain and the teams building on it, so the best way for us to support them is to drive engagement, help raise awareness of their projects and goals, and to really attempt to open up the Sui ecosystem for the masses.

As for grants, I wouldn’t expect anything of that sorts to happen. There isn’t a lot of funding flowing through this line of work. What will likely happen is the projects that partner with Sui Global or Sui Ecosystem will begin incentivizing testing and participating in early events/milestones through events with these ecosystem groups.


Thanks for clarifying

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