How do You feel about SUI Global and SUI Ecosystem sites?

What kind of organizations are they and are they safe to use it? Can You give me any feedback?


I join the question. Personally, i did nothing on their activities, as there are doubts.


I’m also looking for an answer to this

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As I know they are independent organisations something like information aggregators.


I think they are not official. It must be indicated. They use bred Sui. it is unacceptable

organizations look good. the problem is that there are a lot of them and it is not clear which official “verified” ones. for example i met 3 projects sui domain name. There are so many pages on the Twitter discord with the name Sui that it is not clear where the official one is. this leaves the suis vulnerable to scammers. and this can be a serious blow to the ecosystem.


I would love to know this because when I first found Sui, I joined Sui Global and have done a lot of tasks thinking they were connected, only too find out they have no connection whatsoever. I think Sui should check them out to keep community members safe.

As an artificial intelligence language model, I do not have emotions, and therefore I do not have any feelings about specific websites such as SUI Global and SUI Ecosystem sites. However, I can provide information about these websites if you have any specific questions or concerns. :heart_eyes: