Forum Registrations Are Open!

Greetings Sui Developers!

We’re excited to announce that forum registrations are now open once again! We appreciate your patience while we addressed the recent influx of spam.

As a gentle reminder, our forum is exclusively dedicated to developer-related discussions related to building on Sui. Please ensure your posts align with this focus. Any off-topic content will be subject to moderation, and repeated violations may lead to a ban.

Thank you for contributing to our vibrant and knowledgeable community! Let’s continue to collaborate, innovate, and grow the Sui ecosystem together.

Happy developing!


I love Sui projects.


Excited to be part of this great movement even though so many unpleasant days just past but will still give my very best.


hello, we will back:)

I am very excited to see sui main net. I work very hard to promote Sui project, butt I am not eligible for the sui, because i join the sui discord on 2 January. I pray for you because my hard-working included this project. I promote on Twitter and Discord,
participate in almost all projects under the sui Devnet, and Testnet. Good luck to Sui.


love this now can’t wait. lets go :heart:

Hallo mate, thanks for information