Announcing Developer Announcements

There are plenty of places to get news about Sui: Twitter, Discord, Telegram, the Sui Foundation Blog, even Reddit or Youtube. But although those are all great ways to get news, they tend to get you a lot of news. If you just want to know what changes are coming that might impact what you’re building, how are you going to keep track?

To solve this going forward, we’ve decided to create yet another announcement channel, this Developer Announcements Forum, that will stay a high-signal low-noise source for Sui updates. We’ll periodically post megathreads with a high-level overview of upcoming planned changes, and we’ll also post in-depth profiles of bigger changes. We hope this makes it easier for builders to ride the Suinami and stay abreast of coming changes.

To get notifications for posts in your inbox, create a forum account, and click the bell icon in the upper right. We recommend subscribing to “Watching First Post,” as below, and subscribing to other threads as needed to follow any discussion or updates.