I have been hacked in my account for suilend and scallop. Any help

Dear Sui Team

I have been hacked my account has been drained to zero both in suilend and scallop. The hacker used a reward claim in NFT kind in scallop and when I confirmed claim the account was drained about four hour ago. Please can you help in anyway to track and recover the fund

Here is the account address : 0xad18000279851edcb5ee288d9548c2825eca6344596de4dd7b6c8bc88dbe3dd1

The object which was responsible for claiming rewards

Object address

I believe the account responsible with hack is this

Another potential address

The website involved in claiming rewards was

I will be appreciate anything help I will help.


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I am new to SUI, how can we tell ‘programatically’ if a module / object / contract has been verified in terms of its code being readable on the block explorer ?