Frenemies game BUG

I’ve noticed a bug while playing Frenemies

If I have staked the X amount of $SUI for my validator, I cannot stake more until I unstake the X that is currently staked.

Can this problem get solved somehow? Because it takes 2 transactions to add $SUI staken to a validator when it can just get added in 1 transaction. I think it would bring more simplicity and ease to players and make it smoother.

Thanks in advance!


Yea this is true
I also notice this
But it’s not actually a bug
We just need stake feature to be added to validators we have stake before

If you stake with a validator
You have only one option which is unstake
But I think we should have two options

To stake and unstake


Yeah exactly :herb: Would be great


@AkashaCoin have you noticed this?


Well, that’s not a bug or a problem, that was how the game was created from the start, you have to unstake before you can stake more, I know you are just giving a suggestion that the game should have a stake more buttons, I believe the team knows this they just decided to program the game to be like that, just unstake and restake if you want to stake more, sorry for the inconveniences, but I don’t think it’s that hard to approve few transactions everytime you need to.


If u want stake more. stake in sui wallet :smile: