Ethelo Sui Community Pulse Survey (your voice matters!)

Ethelo is excited to announce its first ever Sui Community Pulse Survey!

Please take 5-10 minutes to complete the engagement, and share you opinions of the Sui Development Team’s 2024 Roadmap.

https:// sui-community-pulse-april-2024.ethelo. net/

The Community Pulse is a unique survey powered by Ethelo’s multi-attribute decision making engine, which takes into account each respondent’s weighting of strategic priorities as well as their responses to specific questions, providing results that not only show which areas have the highest support, but where there are strong levels of consensus or conflict across the community.

The Community Pulse survey has been made possible by a ThinkSui grant!

Thanks in advance for your participation and look forward to sharing the results - which can be viewed in real time at the end of the Survey!