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Hello SUI Community!

My name is MetaMat, and I am the CEO of Ethelo Decisions, a Community Engagement and Intelligence Platform that has been working in the Digital Democracy space for over a decade. The purpose of this post is to begin our engagement with the SUI community and connect with like minded builders and community members who are interested in governance and community engagement!

In this post I will introduce Ethelo, describe the work we are doing as part of our first ThinkSUI grant(s), and share some of our vision on how to solve for some of the governance and community engagement challenges that have impacted web3 communities over recent years. Lets get into it!

Recognized as the World’s Best for Governance and #1 Digital Democracy Tool, Ethelo is a pioneering community intelligence and participatory decision-making platform. With 12 years of dedicated public sector service, Ethelo has digitally engaged over 250K stakeholders and worked with 400 organizations, 150 cities and numerous Canadian federal agencies. With a suite of tools designed for consensus-building, strategic planning, participatory budgeting, and stakeholder-led decision-making, our solutions have been used in the allocation and evaluation of over $10B in budgets and $150M in grants. In recent years, Ethelo has leveraged its participatory technology to support governance, community engagement, granting, and grant program evaluation for DAOs, bringing our proven tools and methods to partners such as GitCoin, Decentraland DAO, Big Green DAO, Arbitrum DAO and others.

Ethelo’s suite of tools aid in setting strategic goals, allocating and managing funds, assessing impacts, and tracking changes in sentiment both over time and instantaneously. Our offerings are white labeled, token/wallet-gated and integrable into existing dApps. Specific capabilities include:

  • Participatory Budgeting: Decentralized budgeting for DAO operations, grant programs, and alignment of funding allocations to strategic priorities.
  • Participatory Grantmaking: Manage end-to-end grant programs from collecting and vetting applications, multi-criteria voting to distribute funds, and decentralized impact evaluations.
  • Community Pulse: Monitor and evaluate community sentiments in real time, identifying strategic priorities and perceptions on key governance and operational metrics.
  • Pre-Proposal Polling and Consensus-Building: Use Ethelo’s multi-attribute decision-making engine to workshop proposals, identify points of conflict and find consensus solutions, stewarding a structured process of distributed sense-making and policy development.
  • Decentralized Impact Evaluation: Engage your community to evaluate projects and programs across your ecosystem, distributing program and project evaluation to select stakeholders or the community at large.
  • Multi-Attribute Decision-Making Engine: Build custom dApps on top of Ethelo’s proprietary decision-making engine, which can analyze millions of scenarios in real time, facilitating collaboration within groups from 10 to 10,000 or more.

All of us at Ethelo are very excited to be starting our journey with SUI blockchain and the SUI Community. To start this process, we have begun development work to integrate our platform and open our API to the SUI ecosystem. Our initial projects are listed below:

  1. SUI Community Pulse: Our first project focuses on measuring sentiment and aligning strategies across the SUI community. By leveraging Ethelo’s expertise in community engagement, we aim to ensure that every voice can help shape the future of the SUI ecosystem. Ethelo’s SUI Community Pulse will launch at the start of April!
  2. SUI-Ethelo Integration (Phase I): The first stage of our integration into the SUI ecosystem aims to seamlessly integrate SUI Wallet login, Access Lists, and Token-Gating into our community intelligence platform, developing the specifications for this work.
  3. Ethelo API & SDK (Phase I): Our second development project is dedicated to developing specifications for a SUI-specific API and SDK. This initiative aims to empower builders with tools for participatory engagement and decision-making.
  4. Community Engagement: As Ethelo’s CEO, I will host a Twitter Space to discuss how Ethelo can proactively address community engagement challenges in the SUI ecosystem and other emerging blockchains on March 28 @ 1pm PST… Stay tuned for a series of engagements that will highlight the transformative power of Ethelo! #ThinkSuiCreator
  5. Strategic Problem Solving: Our final project seeks to address the challenges of pre-proposal discussions and strategic alignment in DAO governance. We aim to foster consensus and clarity on core issues, paving the way for a more cohesive and effective community within the SUI ecosystem, by using our platform to launch a pre-proposal polling process.

Through these projects, we aim to provide a full suite of community engagement and governance tools and potentially a DAO governance and grantmaking protocol for the SUI ecosystem to use. At the very least, by opening our API, building an SDK and enabling wallet and token-gated access to our platform, SUI builders can take advantage of our decades long experience in facilitating digital democracy and decision-making, using our tools for new and innovative purposes!

If you are interested in discussing any of this more, or getting involved in our work, please drop a reply here, or reach out on Telegram (@ MetaMatman), Twitter (@ MetaMarkman), or Discord (@ Matimio).

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  • Decentraland DAO Community Pulse

  • Big Green DAO Participatory Grant Making
    (https:// biggreendao-gr6.ethelo. net/page/welcome)

  • Big Green DAO Governance Portal
    (https:// dao.biggreen. org/)

  • Arbitrum DAO Vision, Mision and Strategic Value Alignment
    (https:// arbitrumdao.ethelo. net/page/welcome)

  • Arbitrum DAO Grant Programs Evaluation
    (https:// arbitrum-dao-grant-program-evaluation-3-community.ethelo. net/page/group-results)

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