Devnet-0.25.0 Release Notes



  • A valid Secp256k1 signature now uses a non-recoverable (64 bytes) instead of a recoverable (65 bytes). Sui SDKs now sign transactions with the new 64 bytes signature with Sui release v0.25.0. If you create a Secp256k1 signature outside of Sui, remove the recovery ID to create a 64-byte signature. For more information, see: #7423
  • Restored verification of test code when you run unit tests locally (sui move test).
  • The --verify-dependencies flag was removed from sui client publish command. Dependency verification is now the default behavior effective with Sui release 0.24. You can disable dependency verification with the --skip-dependency-verification flag, see #7633.
  • Breaking change - SuiExecuteTransactionResponse is now a struct and not an enum. See #7468 for more information.
  • The Digest display formats are standardized to base58. This includes the following: ObjectDigest, TransactionDigest, TransactionEffectsDigest , CheckpointDigest, CheckpointContentsDigest
  • There is now a 256 limit on the number of events that a Move transaction emits. The limit is defined in crates/sui-protocol-constants/src/ For more information, see #7804.
  • TypeScript
    • Added support for calling a Move function with the option parameter. For more information, see #8058.
    • Breaking change - Renamed the getDelegatedStakes operation to getDelegatedStake. For more information, see #8058.
    • Breaking change - Removed the getObjectsOwneByObject operation. Instead, use getDynamicFields. For more information, see #8138.

Full Changelog: Commits · MystenLabs/sui · GitHub


Great news to hear from the devs

So there was a great update that was going to roll out soon :tada: @mosaicRegressor