Devnet-0.31.0 Release Notes - Major Breaking Changes

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  • [Major Breaking Change] This release introduces some changes to how Sui calculates gas charges. For details see Gas Changes
  • [New Feature] You can now upgrade Move packages using the Sui Client CLI command sui client upgrade. Read how to use it in our docs.
  • [Minor breaking change] - The format of proofs used by module sui::ecvrf were modified (see related crypto code in MystenLabs/fastcrypto#542, #10332).
  • [Minor breaking change] - The display field of SuiObjectData was replaced by a SuiDisplayFieldResponse that has data and an error field to return the best effort rendition of display. (see related code in #10321)
  • [Minor breaking change] - syntax and semantic changes of getOwnedObjects
    • The syntax change simplifies the type of cursor argument from Option<CheckpointedObjectID> to Option<ObjectID>, which also simplifies the type of nextCursor in the returned ObjectPage the same way.
    • The semantic change is that getOwnedObjects now returns all latest object changes, including objects changes that are not yet included in a checkpoint. As a result, iterating ObjectPages via getOwnedObjects might return object data from “objects snapshot” across different checkpoints. This is especially notable for addresses with many, and constantly changing, objects. If you still want to read owned objects from “objects snapshot” at certain checkpoints like the latest checkpoint, use QueryObjects with a checkpoint query instead. (See related code in #10275)
  • [Performance improvement] - Offloading jsonrpc request to Tokio blocking thread to prevent slow request from blocking other requests #10438

Full log

[Commits · MystenLabs/sui · GitHub]
[Commits · MystenLabs/sui · GitHub]


Amazing so many changes in devnet

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We are re-deploying Sui v0.31.0 release to devnet in a few hours. The network will be offline for a short period and will return with a cleared state. Genesis update and fullnode db wipe will be required. Please use devnet-0.31.0 tag for your builds.

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