Create A Move dApp that Makes Developer Sign A Custom Formatted Message w/ TheirEVM Address to Join MistDAO

Since their is no DAO tooling on Sui mainnet (or a Sui mainnet) and we have this Snapshot. We need to:

  • make a way for Sui addresses to link to their EVM address to be whitelisted to vote in this DAO and later track reputation
  • add a developer centric challenge to filter out Sui users from Sui Developers

For this proposal, suggesting that we create a dApp that requires dev to sign a specially formatted message (instructions on Charmverse) that has them put in their EVM address, & why they want to join MistDAO as initial membership.

We can later use this to track their testnet addresses to add additional reputation points.

This tooling should be made open source on the MistDAO · GitHub

here is the link to the snapshot

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So regarding the developer challenge, we will create a server that listens to published move code from completing the sui move intro course. This should provide a good filter for our community. GitHub - sui-foundation/sui-move-intro-course: Introductory Course to the Sui Move language Regarding the EVM address, I think we can put a pause on that as I hear rumors of DAO tooling being worked on and we will have that soon. So the flow should be something like:

  1. Complete SUI Move Intro Course Unit 1.
  2. Publish your Hello World Object with your telegram/discord name to our server.
  3. Server will respond with a custom key that you can input into our telegram/discord bot to gain appropriate roles.
  4. Each Lesson will grant escalated roles within the server.
  5. In the future create our own MistDAO unit courses with appropriate keys corresponding to completion and grant roles within the DAO.
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