A new model for selling NFT collections


On Sui there are many great launchpads but since the mainnet is live, almost no NFT collection had a “successful” launch in the usual sense, with a rapid sell-out and a rising floor price on the secondary market.

At Halcyon Labs, we thought it was time for innovation and new sale models to emerge. Thus, we designed and are building a user-centric NFT launchpad with a unique sale process and we’d love to discuss our approach with the community.

Our mechanism sizes demand in real-time, with dynamic pricing and offering. Here’s how it works:

  • Batch Creation & Pricing: Sales are split into batches, with each batch’s price starting at an initial price and increasing by half of the initial price with each new batch.
  • Whitelist Advantage: Whitelisted members can purchase at any time at a fixed price.
  • Dynamic Time Limit: Each batch has a one-hour window. If a batch sells out before this, we open a new one. If not, the batch is canceled and its buyers refunded, ending the sale.
  • Collection Owner Decision: Post-sale, the collection owner can choose to approve the sale, enabling participants to claim their NFTs, or cancel the sale, issuing refunds to everyone.
  • Dynamic NFTs: Buyers receive a Proof-of-Mint certificate in the form of a dynamic NFT that’s updated with each purchase and used to claim NFTs at the end. After the sale, it serves as a proof of mint for more.

Our goal is to make each sale a win-win for both founders and community members by minimizing risk. We would love to get some feedback on the concept (would this interest you or project you know? Why or why not?) and the design (what could we modify/add/remove?). Thanks by advance to those who will take time to answer!

If you have questions or want to know more about it, answer here or dm me on Twitter @Sui_Runner