7/21 SUI AMA in a few words

We announced a wallet recently, it’s going to be an even better user experience in the next couple of weeks and I think maybe we should have Bauer do an AMA on our wallet at some point. But to touch on that, the whole point of going through our Devnet, Testnet, and the incentivized test is to iron out bugs, or at least even solve problems around storage, speed, and everything else. It’s a real battle-tested platform that has people beating the hell out of it through the process of figuring out bugs. Testing out the capacity of the platform, making sure it can handle the load, and making sure the storage and everything else scales will be all part of the incentivized Testnet. There’ll be multiple ways for these internal devices to make sure that each one of them targets particular characteristics of the Sui platform and to make sure that by the time we go to Mainnet, it’s been battle-tested. People will be able to build the apps that we’ve promised that they can build and we feel confident about that. The community is engaged with a team who’s really passionate about building really scalable and well-engineered platforms for the masses. So that is something we want to do with the community, and we think all of you are going to be really useful in helping us validate some of the claims that we’ve made, and making sure that the Sui platform can be something for everybody.