wallet access failed


My cell phone failed and I lost access to my wallet. the backup with the passphrases were also deleted. how can i recover??

please help me!


What wallet were you using? Some wallets like Ethos can be restored via email address (Correct me if I’m wrong @nadia ), however if you were using the Sui Wallet you need your 12 word phrase or private key to restore.

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Hello everything is fine!?

My phone crashed and I lost all data. the backup words were together and also lost,

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Nobody but you can recover your wallet. The great, but dangerous, part of crypto is only you are in control of your address. Maintainers of Sui are powerless to assist you.

If you don’t have your 12 word phrase or your private key, the wallet is lost.

Open a new wallet and forget about the lost one if you lost recovery phrase. Keep it safe next time :slight_smile:

@Arkanjo Thanks for the info, I’ll definitely use it