Sui Wallet shows any custom coin - opportunity for spam / cheat

Whenever I mint a custom coin via smart contract and send it to given wallet, it immediately pops here as new “currency”. (in Sui Wallet, same tested in Suiet)

It is possible to create multiple currencies with the same name, by deploying the copy of smart-contract with different accounts for example.

While technically it seems ok, it doesn’t look ok for future use as it seems an easy way to at least confuse people or perhaps even perform some kind of frauds.

Probably new currencies should be added by user by entering smart-contract address, rather than automatically (as it happens with typical ethereum wallets).


It is important to exercise caution when creating multiple currencies with the same name via a smart contract, as it can lead to confusion and potentially fraudulent behavior. One solution could be to require users to enter the smart contract address manually to add a new currency to their wallet, rather than having it automatically appear. Additionally, it may be wise to differentiate between currencies with the same name by adding unique identifiers or symbols to each one.


Right, thanks, it is exactly what I’m speaking about. But not sure where/whom to address this issue to (supposedly wallet development team?)


opportunity for spam / cheat