Sui Performance

I have questions about Sui’s performance. I want to know the actual throughput of Sui. I know that simple transactions like simple txn, which involve owned objects, can forgo the consensus and use the fast path in Sui Lutris for parallel processing, mimicking FastPay. However, the shared objects need to be sequenced and take the slow path. Now, I want to know that

  1. What is the actual throughput of the fast path with and without bundling?
    My guess: If my understanding is correct, Sui achieves 150,000 TPS according to Sui Lutris’s paper for the owned object using bundling. If this is correct, then what is the actual TPS without bundling? Although the paper says that it gets 5,000 certificates per second with bundling, I assume that without bundling, each certificate containing only one transaction should be less complex compared to the bundling. So Sui should be able to achieve more throughput for certificates.
  2. What is the throughput of the slow path with and without bundling?
  3. I saw that Sui achieved 297k tps by using bundling with PTB here. I wonder which test is based on the fast or the slow path.