Sui Custom RPC for Fast Transactions

If you’re still facing problem of slow transactions on Sui testnet. Then you should must try these





5- Ankr | The Fastest Web3 Infrastructure

Try in Custom RPC and Do transaction and Spread the love for Sui Network :two_hearts:


Go to the Sui Wallet

Click on Three Line on Top Right Corner
Then Click on Network
Then Click on last option Custom RPC URL
Paste link there and then Go Back.

Done Done Done Check your Wallet Balance and Do Transactions Easily…


I don’t know about it. But if you’ll follow those steps then it will work. But that’s for doing transactions not for getting testnet tokens from sui wallet.

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Okay I’m adding some more. Check them. If they work for you then let me know

It’s really helpful for new users

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set to sui wallet

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It works smoothly i am loving to use sui now wow :grin: :grin:

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What RPC works in this :sweat_smile:


Thank for the information. It was really helpful.

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Transactions when are really fast.

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Thanks, it was useful

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Easy interface and easy to use

I still can’t use these RPCs, only waiting for the official update

so very communityit my deplover cha:imr for yousaluting_ face:

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Done it worked thnx sir