SIP-6: `StakedSui` Improvements

SIP Number: 6
Title: StakedSui Improvements


This SIP has been assigned Fast Track status due to a pre-existing view in the community that this change would be beneficial to the whole ecosystem. It will now undergo a review period before moving into Last Call status.


Where can I see the breakdown of the different phases of governance? Is the Fast Track and last track status defined in the docs? What platforms was the pre-existing view gathered from, Reddit and discord? Excited to see SIP1 in the works


The different stages of SIPs are defined in SIP-1. The governance itself is a process that will evolve over time - as the protocol matures, it is expected that the process will become more rigorous. I would love to hear any suggestions that you have on how the process could be improved!

This SIP has now been moved into Last Call status, since all comments have been addressed, the reference implementation has been completed, and it has been reviewed by the stakeholder that would have to implement this change (Mysten Labs).

After no further comments or objections, this SIP has now been finalized.