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Hello Sui Foundation, we’d like to propose a proposal for unified assets.

Present situation:

Currently users are using Wormhole to bridge assets into Sui, but the current situation is that from different chains to bridge to Sui, will become different assets. For example, for USDC:

Ethernet ->Sui, get USDC.eth
Solana → Sui, get USDC.sol
Avalanche → Sui, get USDC.avax


For users, it will be too painful and the assets will be fragmented. It is also very harmful for the project team and ecology, as there is a need to generate many different solutions for the same asset, which seriously slows down the Sui community.


  1. Short term plan: It is best to have a unified wrapped Wormhole Asset
  2. Medium term plan: Introduce more cross chain bridges.
  3. Long term plan: intro native stable coin such as Circle , Tether

Mole team

This is a good idea to make SIP and DAO for community .
We should solved the problem and issue and discuss about problem to make SUI better.
We are strong if be together