Request for a high quality Q&A and knowledge base

Requirements for a Q&A platform:

  • publicly searchable (not siloed like Discord or Telegram)
  • voting system, reputation, incentives
  • knowledge base
  • fast response (a large community of experts)
  • a moderation system

Overview of currently used Q&A platforms:
Discord Dev discussions channel

  • active
  • NOT publicly accessible by Google
  • no long-term incentives
  • not a knowledgebase

Telegram Suinami Riders

  • active - fast response (a large community of experts)
  • NOT publicly accessible by Google and invisible to most

Developers Forum

  • not very active
  • publicly accessible by Google
  • no clear long-term incentives
  • knowledgebase


  • not active


  • not active
  • might be interesting for the web3 incentives


  • not active
  • not dev focused

GitHub issues

  • active
  • indexed by Google?


  • access to docs but not to Telegram and Discord
  • does not read github repos I think

Other example Q&A communities

How to create a

Intro to stackexchange:

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Some stackoverflow data:
sui tag: 24 questions
move tag: This is NOT a tag for the move language!
move-lang tag: 37 questions, often questions related to aptos.

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We use Sui Airdrops to boost gamer activity.
Why not use Sui airdrops to boost developers sharing their questions and knowledge?
Some developer activity mining with Sui airdrops on would be awesome.
I think its possible to define and track some metrics using the Stack Exchange API .

Seems I actually made a write-up about this some years ago:
What makes a good product community?
Conclusion: Discourse is a great choice to bring many features together.