Publish a move-package through Docker

Good day everyone,

I’ve created a Dockerfile on-top of mysten/sui-tools to publish a package to devnet.
While I built it for a personal use-case it might be helpful for one or another in the community:

the image is available at: naamitest/sui-publish.
Once the mysten/sui-tools are tagged in a stable way (devnet, testnet, …) I can tag my image accordingly.

You have to provide 3 environment variables in order to run a container:

  • MNEMONIC: Mnemonic phrase to restore the deployer keypair
  • ALGORITHM: keypair algorithm
  • ADDRESS: they public address of the deployer key-pair

You’re also required to mount the source-folder to sui


docker run -e MNEMONIC="${{ secrets.DEPLOYER_MENMONIC_PHRASE }}" -e ALGORITHM=${{ vars.DEPLOYER_ALGORITHM }} -e ADDRESS=${{ vars.DEPLOYER_ADDRESS }} -v ${GITHUB_WORKSPACE}:/sui --rm naamitest/sui-publish:latest

All the Dockerfile does is to install git and set-up the SUI CLI accordingly:


Thanks for the extra context, we’ve enabled this internally, it should reflect fully soon! There’s now a devnet and stable tag: Docker