Devnet responds with 503 for CLI

Hi Friends!

For the last couple of days devnet responds with 503 for all my sui client publish efforts and even to sui client objects. It happened before, but intermittently. now it is invariably. Still wallets in browser work somehow with devnet.

I have sui installed according manual, though I used clean ubuntu 22 docker container doing these manual steps inside if this is important. Still as I said, it worked for weeks, just stopped recently.

Thanks in advance for any hints!


Sui’s devnet is undergoing maintenance.
You can, however, run a local node or find a RPC provider (others may provide input to which).

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Yes, thanks, I overcame my laziness and compiled sui-test-validator yesterday. Avoided this before because process took almost two hours on my poor machine and was looking like stuck due to devouring all available 12G memory, perhaps hitting swap. Solved this at last by running docker with -m key.

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