Please Help me in setting up the SDK

I have tried many many times installing the devnet Sui SDK on my windows 11pc. I think I have some problems with dependencies and so I need help as to how to check or update them from cmd. I have read the docs but being honest setting up part went over my head as I have almost none experience with Rust


Hey @Bobseal ! I suggest you install linux on your computer or try running a virtual image using a virtual machine and try to install there

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I though about that but I dont want to change to Linux, I tried using VMs but later discovered my windows license does’nt have that support for hyper-v

Hey @Bobseal ! Try with this guide from microsoft ( Install WSL | Microsoft Learn ) :slightly_smiling_face:
And you can find in youtube too many education videos about WSL.

Thanks so muck its so interesting_

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Everything you need is on GitHub
Head discord for questions

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haha nevermind I lost the will, I’ll wait till someone uploads a very very very detailed tutorial that I can relate to

Everything you need is on Github