Is there a Sui project that offers liquid staking?

Perhaps there is something to test or just get acquainted


As far as I understand, sui does not yet have such a project (apparently in development). Sui’s competitor, Aptos, has now launched something similar, and it is based on apass


Now the mainnet is not running, so everything is in the devnet test. You can visit bluemove and test

Thank you :thinking: @Grigarus Yes, I saw similar at Aptos. It’s just that Sui initially concentrates a little on other things: a lot of gamification in projects, which looks organic. But I wondered if anyone was developing classic DeFi.

So far I have not met such projects. Perhaps in the 3rd wave of the dosita there will be something similar


Thanks for you reply @kent

Yes, there are several SUI projects that offer liquid staking. Liquid staking allows users to stake their tokens while still being able to use them for other purposes, such as trading or providing liquidity. Some popular SUI projects that offer liquid staking include Cosmos, Polkadot, and Solana.

Now the mainnet is not running

you’re right, Time will tell you all.

Aftermath team will have this implemented in their site

None that i am aware of

Seems like there is a team on it. Check out SMOOVE I just came across them yesterday while researching :milk_glass: