Activities in testnet, whe else know?

Hello everyone, what activities in this testnet ? I saw only bluemove, suiname doesnt work. is there any links ?


I want to know too. Seems no project could launch in this movement

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So when updates happen, it can take a minute for everything to sync. Ill throw in some links but right now you can utilize your sui wallet and stake. Keep checking the apps tab in the wallet and the forum for updates. Theres many different things you can do, but right after an update, like now, things can be a little chaotic. Blue Move and Souffl3 are running sui mints, but running into problems at the moment…

This stuff was available during devnet, not sure about wave 3

Sui Capys

Game 2082

NFT’s and gaming


I just mentioned to someone else the Tocen launchpad mint, still a few days to go, check it out and DYOR before minting :slight_smile:

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