Invalid 'edition'. Unsupported edition "2024.beta"

Gm, I am trying to build my move code by running this command in the terminal sui move build but I’m getting this error message

Failed to build Move modules: Failed to resolve dependencies for package 'NFT-marketplace'

Caused by:
    0: Error parsing '[package]' section of manifest
    1: Invalid 'edition'. Unsupported edition "2024.beta". Current supported editions include: "legacy", "2024.alpha".

Here is my Move.toml file

name = "NFT-marketplace"
version = "0.0.1"
edition = "2024.alpha"

Sui = { git = "", subdir = "crates/sui-framework/packages/sui-framework", rev = "framework/testnet" }

nft-marketplace = "0x0"

Hoping to get a solution here. Thanks in Advance.

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Have to try yo use this ?

name = “NFT-marketplace”
edition = “2024.beta”

Yes, I did. it was still giving me the same error. I installed Ubuntu on my machine and finally got everything working. I was trying to run it on WSL but I kept running into those errors,

Yes, mate. I have been able to get it done. Thank you so much for your help and time. I really appreciate it.