How you can purchase/mint, open and share #CapyHoliday

I’m sure you already have a Sui Wallet so let’s bypass that and if you don’t just download Sui Wallet here using chrome Extension on laptop or kiwi browser
Download link: Sui Wallet - Chrome Web Store

Then request Sui Devnet tokens

Let’s dive into how you can purchase, open, and share a #CapyHolidays gift box on, and how to purchase accessories for your Capy.

First, make sure to connect your Sui Wallet on Google Chrome

Then, go to Capy Market( and click on a gift box. Purchase the gift box, and it will show up in your Sui Wallet
From here, you can either Open your gift box and receive a special holiday Capy, or you can Share the gift box with a friend using “Send NFT

After sending 3 different gift boxes with friends, you’ll receive a special “Premium Gift Box,” which contains a Capy with a rare attribute when opened. You can share multiple gift boxes with friends in order to receive Premium Gift Boxes

Once you have your special Capy, click on “Capy Accessories” to purchase unique #CapyHoliday accessories like skis, scarves, lights, and more
I believe you know that Capys are on Sui Devnet, they will disappear from your wallet when Devnet is reset.

To save your Capy after Devnet is reset, make sure to screenshot your special holiday Capy.