How to work against the latest RPC version without a new SDK/Devnet Release?

You can find the current RPC schema used by devnet here: sui/openrpc.json at devnet · MystenLabs/sui · GitHub. By diffing this against the same file at the revision your sui node is built from, you will be able to identify any differences, which could cause incompatibilities. The version field of this schema is a telltale:

  • If you find yourself behind the version in devnet , then the right thing to do is to update your sui binary (or local checkout), by following the instructions here: Install Sui to Build | Sui Docs
  • If you are ahead of devnet (and need to be) the best thing to do is to test on localnet, and wait for the devnet to catch up with you.

what about for testnet! is there any new RPC for testnet? nowadays with many contributor, it is a little hard to work with Sui

Testnet’s RPC should match Devnet 0.23.0. We have a branch tracking testnet as well (called testnet) so you can do the same process as suggested above but with sui/openrpc.json at testnet · MystenLabs/sui · GitHub