How to get approved to post in Discord?

Hi there,
I’ve joined Sui discord few weeks ago, but still I can’t post in channels :frowning:
The thing is that we are building application to support the community and ecosystem, so we need to ask questions somewhere…



You can not post in any channel on the Sui discord? Some channels require having a ‘ticket’ (which you can change any time).

If you go to the ticket-chat channel select which channel set you want to access. Choices are:

  • Ticket to Dev Chat - this opens up the dev-general channel
  • Ticket to Node Chat - this opens up the node-operators channel
  • Ticket to Grant Chat - this opens up the dev-grant-chat channel
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thanks @fastfrank ,
yes, I haven’t access to any channel - looks like they are locked for me

I’ve tried ticket-chat channel - nothing changed immidietely, but I’ll wait a bit

I think u haven’t completed the captcha-verification on a first stage