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Hello! I sent a smiley to the chat - I was banned for this. The administrator promised to unban me, but this has not happened yet. Ozkaban#8586
Please unban me in the discord. I wrote to the admin, he said that I would be unbanded, but then he stopped responding to me.


nice bro its useful info

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Thanks, Its useful information…


ok well i have no clue


Thanks bro,this could help for newbies


I want to know about the sui induction guide and the second test activity


i’m not able to see sui discord
i get banned without a warning

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sir my account is automatic reset and my all badges automatic clean i m only using one account not multipal

sorry its not that technical as you might think but i wanna to get unban in sui discord. i have no idea why am i getting banned there. I was participating in few test phases and devnet phases aswell. played frenemies and playing with cappys. Im respectful to others and i want the same to me aswell . Please devs reach out to me i really want that unban and i see lot of people get banned too for no specific reason. My discord is dirty#5221.
Thank you very much.

Greetings! Sir
My name is Shashi Patel and I came accross some nasty guys at Martian Support to solve my Martian twitter issue after I texted my issues on Martian support. I trusted one of them and did what they instructed. I lost 14$ from my trust wallet. I don’t want to loose Sui. Can you pls guide me. Screenshot attached. And hash also. They were asking to deposit 4000$ and also all wallet details to link to the provided links.

Is my Sui wallet safe? What can I do to keep it safe now?

Hash BNB: 0x93e6ae67354878f26c1dfce7d95f1d96288c44fff91033f7dfba4efe68f21045
Hash Polygon: 0xe8a4c18c562c5934d32850b20d3f192ac2dc8ca48c1573ec347f88e474237835

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