Help with Sui Node

Hi all, I wanted to run up the SUI node. And I have a couple of questions:

  1. Is it necessary to have $SUI to run a node?
  2. Are there any rewards for running a node?
  3. How often do updates come out?
  4. What server specs can you recommend, or will those in the documentation be enough?

Heyyyyy :grinning: happy to see your contribution in sui network and your enthusiam of running node
1- you can run node if you want but as you mr question its not neccesary to run a sui node
2-no there till now sui had not announced reward for node runners
3-you can check your discord sui node operator part in sui discord .
4- Suggested minimum hardware to run a Sui Full node:

  • CPUs: 10 core.
  • RAM: 32 GB.
  • Storage (SSD): 1 TB.
    Hope this helps you :smile: